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Trinity Horsemanship Foundation

At Trinity, the equine staff are the hardest workers...but they love every minute of it!

Diamond a quarter pony


Is a 17 year old paint/quarter horse cross. She is 14 hands tall. Her height makes her good to work with kids and adults. She is very curious and loves people! She is good for beginners to advanced intermediate riders and does western and English!


I am a 11 year old Thoroughbred. I am 15.3 hands tall. I am an option for an intermediate rider. On ground she has amazing manners for anyone. 

Peaches a thoroughbred
Mirah a Draft-cross

Is a 17 year old Draft Cross. She was working on basic dressage before she came to THF. Does walk trot canter at English or Western. She is big hearted but don't let her size fool you she is a gentle giant.


26 year old quarter horse. She stands at 16 hands. A good size for our adults who are ready to learn ride. But she is very sweet and loves children and attention. She rides Western and English. We nicknamed her big mama!

Kota a Mini horse


Is a 5 year old miniature horse. He is very small! He is used for our intense therapy sessions because he is very loving! He has a appaloosa coat which makes him look so different.


Is a 19 year old paint. She is 15.1 hands tall. She is used for our intermediate riders because she is sensitive to her riders cues. 

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