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Benefits of Equine Therapy


The patient improves his/her vertical and horizontal balance, muscle tone, improves motor coordination, experiences the independent movement of the pelvis and shoulders, which are essential for enable healthy walking habits. Riding provides the same upper body sensations as walking.



The patient feels a sense of general well-being, improved self-esteem and self-confidence. The therapy also helps to reduce feelings of insecurity and fear that in turn will help the patient gain more confidence in everyday life



Improves attention and concentration. The student is engaged to follow specific directions.



The therapy promotes the development of respect, responsibility, perseverance and loving toward animals. The positive attitude that the student acquires, improves family and social integration.


  • žStrengthens problem solving

  • žBuilds language skills

  • žEnhances focus


  • žImproves negative sensory responses

  • žDesensitizes to noises and touch


  • žImproved posture

  • žMuscle strength

  • žIncreases range of motion

  • žImproves gross & fine motor skills


  • žEnhances self esteem & social skills

  • žBuilds care giving

  • žImproves anxiety & depression

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