Trinity Horsemanship Foundation

THF is a non-profit 501(c)(3) Foundation serving the greater Central Illinois area. We use equine-assisted therapeutic horsemanship to help the disabled become enabled.


Board of Directors

Sarah Stumpf--President and founder and lead instructor. Associates Degree in Equine Management, seven years teaching experience, three years in therapy teaching experience, PATH certified riding instructor.

Debra Stumpf--Vice President and assistant instructor. Twenty-five years as a small business owner.

Veronica Hemrich--Board Chairperson. Child welfare advocate and public interest attorney.

Josh Bishop--Board Member and U.S. Army Veteran.


Greg Durbin-- Business Manager. U.S. Army Veteran.

Trinity Horsemanship Foundation, NFP
Bylaws, Adopted 4-7-2016

Our Instructors

Sarah Stumpf is our head instructor certified by PATH international. She has seven years teaching experience with equine assisted therapies. She also has equine management degree from Parkland. Her love of horses started when she was two! She has been taking horseback riding lessons since she was 13. Loved her time on Parkland's Equestrian Team showing horses. It was her dream to open a facility that allows anyone to come enjoy the horses.

Savannah Pring is our assistant instructor who went to college at BlackHawk and interned with Trinity to learn more about equine therapy. She worked with THF for a year and a half before becoming a part of the team. She has been involved with horses seriously for the past two years but has always loved them.