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Trinity Horsemanship Foundation

Hooves for Heroes


Hooves for Heroes  is a program that concentrates on the mental and emotional healing of our heroes; including military, police, firefighters, EMTs and others who serve the public.


Horses naturally form a bond with humans. The bond fosters a respect and responsibility, and acts as a mirror for how the student sees and responds to the world. This reaction is the base of our therapy. It helps us understand our client and what they need from us to bring healing into their lives. They get a sense of accomplishment from learning to work with a 1000 pound animal.


*For a full list of equine benefits go to our benefits page under about us*.

Our program includes working individually or the option of a group. We pair our hero up with a horse, making sure it’s a right match! Then we build the partnership between the two with different exercises from the ground or in saddle to achieve students goals.

Since joining THF a little over a year ago as a veteran I have noticed a significant decrease in my anxiety as well as my severe PTSD.
G.D., U.S. Army Veteran

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